At Howe Electric we emphasize training constantly to keep up with ever changing technologies. Most good service-based companies will do this, however, even with the best training and experience a technician can only do so much without the proper test tools. That’s why we keep an extensive suite of advanced diagnostic tools to allow us to solve even the most difficult troubleshooting issues. With the Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer we can obtain a complete overview of your home or business’ wiring system. If we suspect a grounding problem, we can check your ground electrode with our Fluke Geo 30 Earth Clamp Meter. Perhaps the problem you are having is with your office Ethernet? In that case we use the Agilent Wirescope 350 to certify up to Category 6 cable. In terms of home and business wiring, automated systems, telephone and cable tv testing, our ability to locate, repair and test is unsurpassed. Call us today for a quote.