In the past several years, Power Quality has become an issue that affects virtually everyone. With our world becoming ever more tech dependant, poor power quality can be disastrous and symptoms not always obvious. Many of the homes and businesses in the Santa Barbara area were built before we recognized and understood how to wire for good Power Quality.

A few of the common power quality issues we see in this area is voltage sags and spikes, blackouts/brownouts, transients, and high harmonic loads. Fortunately these are almost always correctable when addressed by a properly trained technician using the necessary test equipment. Even EMF (Electro- Magnetic Fields) which has received much attention recently can be abated but only by someone who has the specialized knowledge and experience to deal with this complex issue.

Here at Howe Electric, we offer several flat-rate testing/rectification packages. Depending on your specific needs, we can also arrange a custom package. We offer a very competitive pricing structure and encourage our customers to compare our prices with other electrical contractors offering similar services. Call today for your free phone consultation.